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By: Sharmain Pranne D. Ngipol

8th of February 2000.

I was born. And my world comprised of two very important people who became a big part of who I am. Yes, they’re my parents. A mom and a dad who stood beside me on the road of life. And if there’s anyone who has influenced me the most, it’s got to be my parents.

They always tell me to take care and trust not on my own strength and understanding but God’s. They’ve did their best to raise me up in light of the word of God; introducing me to Jesus and to the Bible. I grew up under their care and I’ve got to say, I probably am one of those who lived in a descent Christian family in Diffun, Quirino where I was trained in the way I should go.

Now, I’m seventeen. Currently, wishing to go back being a kid again and erase all the regrets I have- those mistakes I shouldn’t have done thinking that if I chose the other road, perhaps my life would change in a different path. Nevertheless, I know I can’t do such an impossible thing. I can’t go back. I can’t change my past. I can’t choose to be someone else I’m not nor can I choose my parents. No matter how many arguments we have with each other, I still love them genuinely. They’ve thought me that mistakes are just ways to make us stronger reminding us that even though we can’t change the past, we surely can do something about the future. I learned the value of living- that I exist because I have a purpose and that purpose is to serve God and live my life to the fullest under the blessing of the Almighty. They thought me to be God-fearing and to look at the positive side of the globe. To seek God’s help when I need it and place my faith in Him at all times.

All of these are the most influential things they handed me with. These advices that helped me in every storm of life that I’ve been through and will help me further as days pass by. They thought me that the time will come when I won’t be with them anymore; when I get to live my life without them in it, when they will watch me from the heavens above, when I’ll be all alone and afraid of what may happen tomorrow. They thought me that I am not alone- that God is by my side and is living inside me. That He is the most important thing I can hold on to and that He alone is what I need.

I am thankful to my parents who served as the guardians of my life. The guardians of my world and the guardians of my galaxy.



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