School Activities


By: Sharmain Pranne D. Ngipol

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,” Joshua 24:15 says.

I think that is what sums up my family altogether. All through the years that had passed, I still can remember how we got through from all the trials that come our way. As one family, we stood strong and continues to be strong as best was we can. Of course, with the help of the Lord.

My brother and I get along with some things such as gadgets, movies, anime and money. We don’t get along with food though. He likes to eat little. We like to spend a lot of money and we are both lazy sometimes. We don’t talk to each other that much but as far as I know, we share our thoughts and problems with each other. And as brothers and sisters, I got to say our relationship is pretty normal.

My mom and dad like to fight. Steve and I got used to it. We always hear them arguing over the tiniest problem and getting along well after a couple of minutes. They are one of the best parents, though. They’re very supportive, caring and concerned with me and my brother. They thought us about God and Jesus when we were just little kids. They advise us well when we bump into hard decisions in life. And most of all, they thought us about kindness, goodness and faith.

My family is just one of the thousand families in the whole face of the earth. But despite the millions of people who roam this planet, God sees us as special from above when we thought we are just ordinary. And that is why, my friend why we will continue to serve the Lord.


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